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What is The Pink Edition created by A City of Expression in Jacksonville, Florida, USA?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023


A City of Expression is seeking art interpretations of LOVE by Jacksonville, FL area artists for iD Magazine's The Pink Edition (available at and to be published beginning on Valentine's Day 2024 (2-14-24).

Participating artists with submissions emailed to us by the January 15, 2024 deadline (and, in some cases, even after the 1-15-24 deadline) should have an opportunity to sell at least some of their better works of art on our E-store and receive 66% of art sales earned, with 33% of art sales going to the non-profit organization chosen for the year from February 14, 2024, until February 13, 2025 and 1% going to get and keep The Pink Edition running. A different charity will be chosen at our discretion annually beginning in 2025, achieved by the majority vote of the staff.


A City of Expression chose The AIDS Memorial Project of Northeast Florida (see as the beneficiary of a portion of total art sales from the store made between 2-14-24 and 2-13-25.

The Pink Edition is an interpretation of iD Magazine's The Red Edition from 1992 (see images of the printed Red Edition on The Red Edition page in the navigation menu of The Pink Edition was created for the purpose of spreading LOVE in the most concentrated and direct manner possible digitally.

Art will show what love means to you, whether it is the artwork of a creative interpretation of an ice cream cone, a plant, a pet, a landscape, or Mom, it doesn't matter just so that its content is not offensive to most individuals. Of course, showing your love is possible in another form other than an image on our website or E-store, for instance, by displaying your short films and other video creations on our YouTube channel (@PinkEditionJax).

We reserve the right to refuse artwork shown as part of our creations as part of this local project or ask your permission for its use within our promotional materials. Enjoy love from Florida's First Coast in many forms beginning on Valentine's Day 2024 and feel free to contact us at, if needed, giving us plenty of time to respond. We will respond as quickly as possible...have patience with us, please.

Be inspired to create your community's local issue of The Pink Edition and help us spread love evenly across the globe! We may be able to be of some assistance in helping your community spread its love. We won't know until the situation arises. When all communities work together to spread love to all, God must surely smile, and ancient prophecies might be eventually fulfilled hopefully sooner than later...

A City of Expression is back, and this time the volunteer staff is pink with joy!


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